(Year of Production: Production Type: Character/Role: Production: Company: Director)

2020, Corporate, Santa Claus, SANTA STORYTIME, Mesmerist Studios, Jodi Wyeth

2020, Short Film, Zack the Director, CALL SHEET, Westlake Films, James Albarn

2020, Short Film, Parthen, OUT OF THIS WORLD, Westlake Films, Cebiso Mhlanga 

2019, Stage, Daphne/The Colonel, DAPHNE, TOMMY, THE COLONEL & PHIL, Thumb Tip Theatre, Edwin Ashcroft

2019, Film, The Clown, A BUNCH OF CLOWNS, Above Bar Films, Ash Warner

2019, Educational, Jack Stanworth, IMPERIAL COLLEGE DOCTOR TRAINING, Digital Learning Hub, Daniel Mitelpunkt

2019, Film, Count Ted Hankey, POISON ARROWS, SW500 Films, Simon Sprakling

2019, TV/Online, Editor Alan, THE REAL SNOWFLAKES - BBC3 QUICKIES, BBC Studios, Ben Sutton

2019, Stage, Stephen McBride, THE BENCH (HEAVEN SENT), David Armstrong Productions/Casa Liverpool, David Armstrong 

2018, Pantomime, Dame Nellie & Writer, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, HA Events, Clifford Hume

2018, Stage, Santa & Writer, THE SANTA SHOW, DK Produktions, Niall Hemmingway


2018, TV/Online, Santa, ROYAL MAIL LETTERS TO SANTA, Royal Mail, Clifford Hume

2018, Pantomime, Additional Material, CINDERELLA, HA Events, David Kemp

2018, Pantomime, Additional Material, ALADDIN, DK Produktions, David Kemp

2018, Commercial, Santa, FESTIVE SEASON DESIGNED BY...PALAZZO VERSACE, Ravenscar Film, Jordan Bostock

2018, Commercial, Weihnachtsmann, NETTO (SILVESTER), Markenfilm, Sam Holst

2018, TV, Newspaper Executive, WOMAN ON THE VERGE, Merman/RTE/UKTV, Annie Griffin

2018, TV, Builder Boss, MOVIES 4 MEN IDENT, F&TV, Kevin Waters

2018, Stage, Sir Winston Churchill, THE PUBLIC INTEREST, Parallax/Strictly Theatre, Alex Knight

2018, Short Film, Boss, STRAIGHT LINES, Josh Crooks Films, Josh Crooks

2018, TV/Online, Father, MEET THE PARENTS - FAIL, BBC 3, Benjamin Sutton

2018, Stage, Dame Nellie la Mouton & Writer, BEAUTY & THE BEAST, DK Produktions, David Kemp

2018, Stage, Stephen McBride, HEAVEN SENT, DA Productions/White Bear Theatre, David Armstrong.

2018, Corporate, Sunday League Footballer, BAYER - SUNDAY LEAGUE HEALTH, Kartoffel Films, Simon Shergold

2018, Short Film, Evil Santa, SEASONAL CONTRACTS, Neon Productions, George Lee.

2017, Music Video, Santa, ANDY AND THE ODD SOCKS - ALL TOGETHER, Ninja Pig Productions, Andy Day

2017, Pantomime, Associate Producer/Additional Material, ALADDIN, HA Events, David Kemp

2017, Pantomime, Additional Material, CINDERELLA, DK Produktions, David Kemp

2017, Stage, Judge Littlefield/Caiaphas the Elder, THE LAST DAYS OF JUDAS ISCARIOT, Parallax Theatre, Alex Knight/Clifford Hume

2017, Short Film, Wesley Winthorp, THE UNFITTEST MAN ON THE PLANET, David Armstrong, Niall Garrett

2017, Music Video, Capitalist (Lead), OTHERKIN - REACT, Gas&Electric/Rubyworks, Ciaran Lyons

2017, Short Film, Barman, DREAM OPPORTUNITY, Stefan Pollack Films, Stefan Pollack 

2017, Short Film, Roo, PRETTY BONNETS, Rubber Duck Productions, Mick Dow

2017, Stage, Mother Goose & Writer, MOTHER GOOSE & THE GOLDEN EASTER EGGS, DK Produktions, David Kemp

2017, Online Series, Bartender, P*SS OFF I LOVE YOU, More Pubs Productions, Jessie McCormack

2017, Short Film, Larry, THE CHESTNUT EFFECT, Them Pesky Kids Films, Oliver Blair

2016, Documentary, Himself/Santa, ME & MR CLAUS, Last Line Productions, James Albarn

2016, Pantomime, Script-writer/Additional Material, DICK WHITTINGTON, DK Produktions, David Kemp

2016, Online, Voice Over, SMARTER INVESTMENT, Tomandsteve, Tom Brill

2016, Commercial, Voice Over, KELVIN FURNITURE, Eclectic Motion Media, 

2016, TV, Ron Wise, GHETTO HEAVEN, Rockindale Productions, Sacha Bennett

2016, Online, Big Bob the Twitcher, O2 BUSINESS ESSENTIALS, Beast, Jonathan Beamish

2016, Online/Twitter, The Cookie Man, TESCO/GBBO, Odelay Films, Richard Hunter

2016, TV, Tom Farley, AUTOPSY: THE LAST HOURS OF CHRIS FARLEY, Couch Potato/ITV, Ian Clark

2016, Commercial, Driving Instructor, FORD SUV - KING TUT, GTB, Stuart Douglas

2016, Short Film, Colin, FLASH FILM (Working Title), Solent TV, Ben Sutton

2016, Short Film, Sir Toby Bassett, FERRIED, Twice Cut Films, Mark Blackman

2016, Stage, Queen of Hearts/Cheshire Cat/Duchess/Teacher, ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, DK Produktions, David Kemp

2016, Corporate, Client 2, SECURITY TRAINING, Leo Learning, Sam Chapman

2016, Online, Santa, CONTAINING RACHEL, Double Denim Productions, Rachel Loughan

2016, Short Film, Laundertte Owner (Lead), BRAINWASH, Bournemouth Arts, Hannah Gautrey

2016, Online, Santa, THE EASTER BUNNY, Met Film School, Gabriel Dantas

2016, Museum Installation, Sir Robert Walpole, TALKING PORTRAITS, Spiral Productions, Jonathan Gibbon

2016, Museum Installation, Learned Professor, THE STORY OF EUGENE ARAM, Sprial Productions, Jonathan Gibbon

2015, TV, American Tourist, KEITH LEMON'S THROUGH THE KEYHOLE (ITV), Talkback TV, Toby Baker


2015, Music Video, Bowler, ZIBRA - WASTED DAYS, Asylum Films/Sony, Richard Hunter

2015, TV, Comedy Opera Singer, GOT WHAT IT TAKES, Rize USA (for CBBC), Tom Yeates

2015, Short Film, Graham, CROPPED, Smuggler London, Chris Thomas

2015, Voice Over, UNUM REHABILITATION SERVICES, Tomandsteve

2015, Voice Over, FIRST POST BOX CORP., Videre Film FZE, Jordan Bostock

2015, Voice Over, FIRST FREEZONE, Videre Film FZE, Jordan Bostock

2015, Short Film, Tony Tucker, BOHEMIAN LIKE YOU, Front Row Centre Productions, Michael Salmon

2015, Short Film, Melvyn Melvin, MELVYN, The Central Film School, James Albarn

2015, TV, Cleaner (comedy cameo), LONDONGRAD, Wind Catcher Productions, Kirill Kuzin

2015, Short FilmJames (Lead)TABLEAUAnd Then There Was FourAmy Evans

2015, Short Film, Mr Dacker, THE CON, Bournemouth University, James Dearden

2015, TV, Bruce, EVIL'S EVIL COUSIN, Asylum Films, Richard Hunter

2015, Corporate, David, NOVOMIX (DIABETES), xFilms, Nathan Leigh Horrocks

2015, Role Play, Matt Davidson, RCGP, Role Play Solutions

2015, Web, Butcher, BARCLAYS LIFE SKILLS - GAMING, Livity, Mark Leung

2015, Corporate, Secret Man, LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION, Ben Ottwell

2015, Corporate, Dumbledore, HARRY POTTER EVENT, Showstoppers, Rachel Ray-Boffin

2015, Role Play, Roy Barker, RCL, Role Play Solutions

2015CommercialJustin HungryKUKD.COMCrossfireFergus Dingle

2015, Short Film, Rev. Thomas, QUARTER REPEATER, Old Squirrel Films, Jordan Bostock

2014, Television, Santa, TEXT SANTA/JEREMY KYLE SHOW, ITV, Simon Paintin


2014, Television, Santa, CREATE & CRAFT CHANNEL LIVE, Ideal World, Various Directors

2014, Still Photography, Santa, BOOTS FLU JAB,

2014, Music Video, Grumpy Diner, JUCE 6th Floor, Radical Media/Stink Ltd, Lucy Luscombe

2014, Role Play, Rob Clark, RCGP, Role Play Solutions

2014, Online, Santa, TESCO CLUBCARD SCAN-TA APP, We Are Social.

2014, Short Film, Trevor Bunting, CHANCE, Up and Up, Jake Graf & Alicya Eyo

2014, Commercial, John, DR VEGAS - LOVE CASINO, Hypvideo, Arturo Bandinelli

2014, Commercial, Hot Tub Banker, TRANSFERWISE 'THE PARTY'S OVER', Partizan, Giles Ripley

2014, Music Video, Postman, LET IT GO/LABRINTH, Academy Films, Chris Barrett & Luke Taylor

2014, Music Video, God, CUT/TENMAN, Everything Is OK, Nikolaj Belzer

2014, Short Film, Mike, DOUBLE BARRELLED, Sysuev Productions, Nik Sysuev

2014, Corporate, Large Guy, TESCO SUPERHERO EXPRESS, Media Zoo, Ben Schaffer

2014, Corporate, Bemused Colleague, HSBC OPEN WORK, Media Zoo, Joel Kafetz

2014, Stage. John Tarleton, MISALLIANCE, Thundermaker Productions, Nick Reed

2014, Theatre Event, Sir Roger de Coverley, DEAR MR SPECTATOR, DMS, David Simons

2014, Pantomime, Dame Nellie Doughball, SNOW WHITE, DK Produktions, David Kemp

2014, Short Film, Tony, SCRATCHCARD HOLIDAY, Old Squirrel Films, Jordan Bostock

2014, Feature Film, Jonathan, A DOZEN SUMMERS, Monkey Basket Films, Kenton Hall

2014, Feature Film, MacVellie, LOST IN SPACE, Tavakoli Productions, Roozbeh Tavakoli

2014, Feature Film, Commander Logan, NARCISISSTS, Inglis Productions, Josh Crooks

2014, Short Film, Fantasy Fat Man, IF THAT'S ALL THERE IS, Sophie Becker, Louise Hooper

2014, Television, Smelly Man (Featured), MADE IN CHELSEA (PROMO), Monkey Kingdom, Gavin O'Grady

2014, Television, Historian, THE HAUNTING, The Haunting TV, Laurence Kirkwood

2013, Film school, Senior Detective, A CURIOUS LOVE, LCC, Ben Smith-Phillips

2013, Film school, Freddy (Lead), LOST, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, Central Film School, Louis Devereux

2013, Television, American Tourist, ANNA & KATY, Roughcut, Ed Bye

2013, Short Film, Mr Thackery, A FOOL'S PARADISE, French Dog, Joe Parker

2013, Short Film, Security Guard, ABOUT A DOG, NFTS, Ryan Vernava

2013, Short Film, Ethan (Lead), BOUNTY HUNTERS, Colas Productions, Fabien Colas

(entered into the 2014 Cannes Film Festival)

2013, Short Film, The Stranger, HARVEY, Psycho Killer Bird Productions, Alex Garbutt

2013, Short Film, Mr Vanity, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, Royal Holloway, Sam Rees-Williams

2013, Short Film, Red, OUR GUARDIANS, Greenwich University, Josh Crooks

2013, Short Film, Big Dave, SAY SOMETHING, Cup of Tea? Films, Chris Thomas

(Shortlist for the Virgin Media Shorts Competition)

2013, Short Film, Dr Llewelwyn, THE CHAPEL, Posh Bear Productions, Charlotte Patrick

2013, Short Film, Kevin, THERE'S A LINE, Reel Films, Luke Davis

2013, Commercial, Reading Dinner Guest, MENY FAMILY CHRISTMAS, Motion Blur, Henrik Sander

2013, Commercial, Elderly Bingo Player, SPECSAVERS - WORKOUT/BINGO, Hungryman, Tim Bullock

(Showing in UK, Eire, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway & Finland)

2013, Commercial, Santa, THE DISNEY STORE CHRISTMAS SPOT, Supergrizzly, Matt White

2013, Corporate, Santa, FACEBOOK THANKSGIVING, Hire Santa

2013, Corporate, Santa, MICROSOFT WINTERLAND, Mash/Hire Santa Ltd

2013, Corporate, Bob, NATIONAL HOUSING CONFERENCE, Theatre &

2013, Corporate, Santa, NICKELODEON KIDS' CHRISTMAS PARTY, Hire Santa

2013, Corporate, Martyn Fenby-Hoades/Ernie, NORTH AYRSHIRE HOUSING CONFERENCE, Theatre &

2013, Music Video, Murdered Poltician, DEEP APPEAL, Simple Pictues

2013, Music Video, Winston Churchill, KING KRULE - EASY EASY, Friend London, Aaron & Ben Focus Creeps

2013, Internet, Olaf the Landlord, BRITAIN'S FRIENDLIEST BUSINESS (LIBRIS), HMT Productions, Alana Hutton-Shaw

2013, Internet, Feature, ONLINE CAMPAIGN (Barlclays Smile), Archers Mark

(with Russell Kane)

2013, Still Photography, Principal Character Model, KOOKY MEDIA SEMINARS, Kooky Media, David Cook

2013, Still Photography, Patient Model, MEDICAL STOCK, ReeldealHD, Erwin de Boer

2013, Voice Over, Narrator, AFTER ALYSON, Talking Bookshelf, Ian Skillcorn

2013, Voice Over, Politician, ALMOST PROPAGANDA, LCC, Rachael Blake

2013, Voice Over, Albert, BLOODLUST, Kormorant Pictures Ltd, Roozbeh Tavakoli,

2013, Voice Over, Voice Over, BROOKSIDE THEATRE PROMO, Brookside Theatre, Jai Sepple

2013, Voice Over, Narrator & Resistance Leader, CRT, Greenwich University, Josh Crooks

2013, Voice Over, Doctor, PHANTOM LIMB, Alex Griggs Production, Alex Griggs

(Winner: Yoram Gross Animation Award at the 61st Sydney Film Festival. Winner: Young Director's Awards. YDA Paris/Cannes Best Animation Asia Pacific Nominated: Short Film Grand Jury Prize at 2014 Sundance Film Festival)

2013, Voice Over, Voice Over for Film Trailer, THE DANGEROUS ZONE, KD Productions, Daniel Robson

2013, Voice Over, Voice Over, UNUM INCOME PROTECTION, Tomandsteve, Tom Brill/Steven Jensen

2012, Still Photography, City Gent, ST JOSEPH'S HOSPICE VINTAGE MIDNIGHT WALK, Black Salt Ltd, Dave Waldman

2012, Stage, Porter Milgrim, DEATHTRAP, Brookside Theatre/Stage One, Neil Reynolds

2012, Stage, Winston Churchill, FAREWELL WINSTON, Big Bear Productions, Cal Courtney

2012, Internet, Charles Augustus Milverton, MARY MORSTAN MYSTERIES: MORSTAN V MILVERTON, NPLH, Ross K Foad

2012, Musical, Baloo, DISNEY'S THE JUNGLE BOOK, Brookside Theatre/Stage One, Neil Reynolds

2012, Viral, Gangster Boss, RIVER ISLAND 'PARTY', Blink Productions, Ryan Hope

2012, Music Video, Feaster, STRANGEFRUIT - SEA OF FOG, Beauxx, Laura Clarke

2012, Music Video, Man at Bar (Feature), UNDER THE SUN (CHERYL COLE), Polydor Records, Anthony Mendler

2012, Corporate, John the Coffee Adict, DAVE, Superplex Pictures, Adam Baroukh

2012, Corporate, Barry, THE POST ROOM BOYS, Mugshot Media, Mark Pirrie

2012, Feature Film, The Assassin, THE SQUEAKIES, The Squeakies, Howard Jameson

2012, Short Film, Molly Coddles, COCK TALES, Up and Up, Jake Graf

2012, Short Film, Roy the 'Director', CRAIG'S BIG DAY, This Is It, Joe Pelling

2012, Short Film, Michael Johnson, IT'S TIME, Jess Productions, Sam Chapman

(Nominated for Royal Television Society Short Film Award)

2012, Short Film, Professor Plum, MURDER!, Ravensbourne College, Martyn Phelan

2012, Television, American Tourist (Feature), DAVE'S ONE NIGHT STAND WITH AL MURRAY, Phil McIntyre

2002, Commercial, Mr January, SAMARITAN'S BETTER AT LISTENING, Oglivy & Mather

1999 - 2002, Corporate, Sir Topham Hatt (The Fat Controller), VARIOUS, Britt Allcroft,

2002, Still Photography, Injured Football Fan, THE SUN WORLD CUP SAFETY, The Sun/News International

2002, Television, Santa Professor, THE RUBY WAX SHOW, Ruby Wax Productions

2000 - 2002, Event, Henry VIII, MEDIEVAL BANQUET, Medieval Banquet by the Tower, David Bailiff

2001, Corporate, Father Christmas, SELFRIDGES SANTA SHOW, Selfridges/Ministry of Fun

2000, Corporate, The Tea Inspector, PG TIPS GREATEST TEA LOVER, PG Tips/Ministry of Fun

2000, Corporate, Father Christmas, SELFRIDGE'S GROTTO, Selfridges/Ministry of Fun

2000, Commercial, Bird Watcher, CADBURY'S CREME EGG - HOW DO YOU EAT YOURS?

2000, Commercial, Postman, CAPITAL ONE - STOP THE POSTIE, Ogilvy & Mather

2000, Stage, Earl of Lancaster, EDWARD II, Redbridge Theatre Guild, Vivyan Ellacot

2000, Stage, Mr Stone, THE BUSINESS OF MURDER, Big Splash, Kevin Cooke

2000, Stage, Crookfinger Jake, THREEPENNY OPERA, Redbridge Musical Guild, Vivyan Ellacot

2000, Concert, Sir Topham Hatt (The Fat Controller), FULL STEAM AHEAD, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

2000, Event, Darth Maul, STAR WARS/NINTENDO RACER, Ministry of Fun

2000, Ident, Shrinking Dancer, RADIO ONE SUMMER OF FUN

1999, Stage, Various Characters, THE GOLDEN PATHWAY ANNUAL, Big Splash, David Toltek

1999, Stage, Mr Stone, BUSINESS OF MURDER, Big Splash, Kevin Cooke

1999, Stage, Big Daddy, CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, Big Splash, Kevin Cooke

(Nominated Best Supporting Actor in a Play)

1999, Stage, Mr Stone. THE BUSINESS OF MURDER, Big Splash, Kevin Cooke

1999, Stage, Skip Winkley, JEFFREY, Big Splash, Kevin Cooke

1999, Stage, The Judge, WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION, Big Splash, Kevin Cooke

1999, Television, Guest Cook, READY STEADY COOK, Endemol

1999, Corporate, Father Christmas, SELFRIDGE'S GROTTO, Selfridges/Ministry of Fun

1998, Corporate, Father Christmas, SELFRIDGE'S GROTTO, Selfridges/Ministry of Fun

1998, Music Video, Game Show Host, KULA SHAKER 'MYSTICAL MACHINE GUN', Asylum

1998, Stage, Mr Hooper, KINDLY KEEP IT COVERED, Vortex Theatre Company, Roy Cooper

(Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Play)

1998, Stage, Vincent, NATURAL CAUSES, Vortex Theatre Company, Grant Alvarez

(Nominated for Best Actor in a Play)

1998, Stage, Judge Justice Bryce, ROUGH JUSTICE, Vortex Theatre Company, Roy Cooper

1997, Stage, Director, A MURDER IS ANNOUNCED, Vortex Theatre Company, Clifford J Hume

1986 - 1997 numerous stage shows, cabaret shows, musicals, magic shows etc.

A Fool's Paradise as Mr Thackery
Strangefruit Sea of Fog Promo
Cocktale - Molly Coddles
St Joseph's Hospice Vintage Midnight Walk
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